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How Much Water Does Your Roofing System and Gutters Need To Handle?

Numerous homeowners think little of how much water a normal gutter system needs to deal with during a heavy rainstorm, but your local San Antonio Roofer is very familiar with this event. Raindrops can be so small that it is hard to envision the total accumulated amount as it is coming down.

As a longtime professional in the roofing and gutters industry, we have it all figured it out. There is an essential equation that we use to gauge how much precipitation a rooftop will gather depending on the size of the home. For every 1000 square feet on a roof, 620 gallons of water will course through the drains.

To put this into perspective, the normal city trash container that gets put out to the curb each week can hold about 60 gallons of water. Filling ten of those up to the top still would not be the amount of water that your gutters must divert with just one single inch of rain!

In Texas, it is not unordinary to have storms where one inch of rainfall can occur in just an hour or less. On occasions that it rains all throughout the day, we can even receive up to 5 inches or more. What this all means is that your gutters play a major role in the protection of your home as they must divert a lot of water away every time it rains. Keeping clean and well-maintained gutters is absolutely essential, and having a San Antonio Roofing Contractor you can trust to do the job right is equally as important.


With better knowledge of how much water your roof will see each time it rains, you can acknowledge that it is so critical to defend your home and its foundation by having a high-quality, dependable gutter system installed. Our gutter experts will properly fit and install your new gutter system, ensuring that your home is safe from water damage for many years to come.

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October 2, 2019
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